The B B Price Group prides itself on providing a quality product backed up by readily available 
technical advice.


Having had a quality system accredited to national standards since 1993 B B Price Limited have recently obtained accreditation to ISO9001:2008 which proves our determination to continually improve our service to meet the requirements of our varied customer base.


We have total control and traceability of all materials used from purchasing right through to our own in-house mechanical testing facilities for the end product.


The B B Price Limited policy statement manual and operating procedures are readily available to endorse our commitment and our Group Quality Manager, Mr Paul Floud is always available to give technical advice at


Company Quality Policy


The Policy

It is the policy of B B Price Limited to be committed to maintaining and improving its service to its customers to the highest possible standards.  In achieving this policy, acknowledgment is given to the reality that competitiveness in terms of price and delivery has to be met so the market is assured.




The Process

B B Price Limited will monitor its performance and manage its business to provide for continual improvement of its Management (Business) Systems.


To achieve this the company will:





Analyse data such as:



Results of external/internal audit reports



Customer concerns and requirements



In-house non-conformances etc



Identify adverse trends



Implement corrective and preventative measures



Set improvement targets which may be required





These goals/objectives are continually reviewed/monitored and discussed at system review meetings.





Deliver and continually review the company's overall goals/objectives which are:



To deliver on time



To customer satisfaction



To budget to a profit






Implement a proactive approach to specific customer and market needs.





Continually review human resource (employee) development.








Quality Management Systems






The appropriate directors and managers, within the group, determine the necessary resources and personnel for the management and performance of work activities.

The group/company provides these resources to ensure customer requirements are effectively achieved at all times.

The group responsibility matrix defines those personnel responsible for specific verification activities by referencing the applicable system documentation (procedures) they have responsibility for.




Group System Documentation

The groups system is defined in the following documents.

1. This policy statement manual
2. Operating procedures
3. Forms, labels or tickets are used to compliment the above Ops and are implemented throughout the group. Where specific differences occur the Op is endorsed to identify the particular aspect or a specific Op is established.




Document and Data control

The control of this document , Ops, forms/labels/tickets, drawings. specifications, product literature and standards is provided for within document control Ops. This procedure defines the approval, issue and changes to such documents.





Documented procedures (Ops) provide for the identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage and maintenance of hard copy or electronic records. These demonstrate conformance to specified requirements and the effective operation of the groups systems. Pertinent sub-contractor records are also controlled and maintained.

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