B B Price Limited have an in-house galvanizing plant allowing us to have complete control of every stage of the production process.  All of our larger items are hand-finished to ensure a uniform coating with no drips or spikes present giving an outstanding finished product.


Thicker Galvanizing


We can also achieve a thicker galvanized coating to that specified in BS 1461.  Many people are looking for thicker galvanizing up to and above 100 microns which we can easily achieve on all of our heavy angles and plates.


Brush Galvanizing


B B Price Limited are one of the very few companies who can offer a brush galvanized finish on all longer tie rods and bolts.  Many galvanizers can only spin up to 1 metre in length however B B Price Limited can brush galvanize up to 3 metre length with the threads brushed during the galvanizing process to ensure a clean even finish.


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