Group Profile


B B Price Limited was founded, in 1875, by the great grandfather of the current directors.  This family business was originally engaged in the nail making industry which proliferated in Halesowen before the turn of the century.


Gradually, as the hand-made nail trade declined, the business diversified into the MOD, Admiralty and building industries which were the mainstay of the company's production up to the second World War.


During the 1940s the business diversified again into specialised galvanized steelwork for the overhead line electricity and telecommunications industries, which still represent the bulk of the company's production today.


B B Price Limited no longer occupies the factory site from which the business started in 1875.  Its multi-levelled floors impeded the efficient running of the manufacturing departments.


B B Price Limited acquired B Birks and Co Ltd of Cradley Heath, also in the West Midlands, in January 2000, and relocated its Head Office there shortly afterwards.


The B B Price Group now consists of 4 sites, 2 manufacturing, 1 steel stockholder and 1 warehouse and distribution centre.  All four sites are within a 3 mile radius of each other.  The total area of all sites is approximately 24,285 square metres.


B B Price Limited are major suppliers of steelwork to the electricity industry (both in the UK and abroad), MOD, railway and civil engineering industries.   B B Price Limited produce quality forged products, steelwork, fabrications and all types of fasteners which are galvanized in-house at our own galvanizing plant and is complemented by our quality management system based on ISO 9001-2008.


With all this experience our continued success is assured.

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